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Building a culture of student voice in schools through collaboration

  • Enhance student voice in post-primary schools in Ireland
  • Provide opportunities to deepen capacity and commitment of teachers to working in partnerships with students
  • Provide opportunities to deepen capacity and commitment of system leaders to support the development of a culture of student voice in and between schools

In this model participants are enabled to reflect on their understanding of and commitment to student voice. They identify their respective starting points, appropriate to their context, and are supported in moving towards an enhanced culture of student voice. This model supports the different stakeholders to work in partnership, mindful of their individual and collective roles in this area.

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Towards a Rationale for Student Voice in the classroom and in schools

This workshop is designed to provide teachers and school management to become more familiar with the importance of and rationale for student voice in the classroom and in our schools.  The workshop also allows participants to clarify for themselves what they see as the important rationale for student voice.

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Building a culture of student voice – a journey of hearts and minds

If teachers are to be encouraged and supported to work in greater partnership with students in classrooms, it is important that they are given opportunities to reflect on and become self-aware about the cultural beliefs and biases that may affect this commitment and capacity to work in partnership with students. These activities are designed to provide opportunities for teachers to reflect on their teacher identity and teacher agency in the context of greater Student Voice.  

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Building a culture of collaboaration between teachers to enhance Student Voice Practice

  1. To deepen teachers' understanding of the importance of professional collabaortion in support of education change – in this context – Providing opportunities for Student Voice in the education
  2. To provide an opportunity for participants to clarify their own thinking about the following:
  • the skills and dispositions that are important
  • The supports that are needed
  • The impact on the power dynamic in the classroom
  • How best to spread the Student Voice message and stories about Student Voice Practices within and between schools
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