Teacher’s Personal Plan

The purpose of the model is to teach the teacher how to research and develop his own teaching practice. Personal plan is a form that accompanies a teacher through several stages: planning, exploring, observing, evaluating, replanning. This is a circular process of introducing changes in the teacher's practice - action research. The purpose of the plan is shown below:

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Active learning and learning organization

The complex learning method can be well matched to any curriculum, and it is possible to apply it to the preparation of a new material or to sum up other work. The teacher is the organizer of the process but not the leader. Participation of students and their autonomy increases. Responsibility is shared between the student and the teacher. Group work is the core of activity. The role of the CEO has a positive impact on students with low self-esteem. Students have to supervise the work process, they have to make sure that everyone is doing their job. This raises their level of responsibilty for the success of joint work while developing their knowledge on the subject, their verbal and interpersonal skills, they learn to communicate and cooperate. All members of the class are involved in the process, positive - creative energies are released.

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Building a culture of student voice in schools through collaboration

  • Enhance student voice in post-primary schools in Ireland
  • Provide opportunities to deepen capacity and commitment of teachers to working in partnerships with students
  • Provide opportunities to deepen capacity and commitment of system leaders to support the development of a culture of student voice in and between schools

In this model participants are enabled to reflect on their understanding of and commitment to student voice. They identify their respective starting points, appropriate to their context, and are supported in moving towards an enhanced culture of student voice. This model supports the different stakeholders to work in partnership, mindful of their individual and collective roles in this area.

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